Request Your PD Day

Your Professional Development leave is a benefit negotiated by your union, under Article 9, Section 27 of our MOUs. You do not have to provide documentation or justification to your supervisor in order to use this leave. Here are some other things to keep in mind when making your request:

  1. Requests must be made 20 days in advance.
  2. No more than 40 bargaining unit members may take Professional Development on the same date, approved on a first-come, first-served basis.
  3. If your department cannot grant your original request due to staffing shortages or business need, an alternative date must be scheduled.
  4. If your department uses a differential work schedule (e.g. four 10-hour days per week), your PD request covers the whole full or half shift. You do not need to use other additional leave.

NOTE: If after one week you do not hear that your Professional Development (PD) Day has been approved - Follow up with your supervisor to see if they received the approval email.

December 1 is the last requestable day for 2022.
Requests are now closed for 2022.

Professional Development Day - 8 hours

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Professional Development Day - 4 hours

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