Local 1072 - UMD College Park

The Forge is a journal dedicated to exploring labor organizing matters, and October's issue focuses on universities.

Today our union handed out K-N95 masks to UMD workers on campus.

AFSCME's legistlative outreach efforts bore fruit, as a joint hearing of the Budget and Tax and Appropriations subcommittees on Wednesday September 16 provided an opportunity for front line workers

Recently, an AFSCME-represented bus driver was assaulted when he asked that three young people wear masks.

As you all know that pandemic has brought about some much needed updates in the State’s and  Higher Education’s workplace policies.  One of the most glaring is the telework policy.  We have put together a survey to get more information from Sisters and Brothers across the state about the telework policies in their workplace.  This is important because the responses will give us better information and suggestions on how to approach the problems in the current policies.  

AFSCME is calling on the University System of Maryland (USM) to negotiate health and safety plans to protect all staff, students and faculty. Through speaking with one clear voice, we urge the Chancellor to take action to protect the campus community and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Send a letter today urging him to take action!

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