A Working People's Plan for Reopening the Economy the Right Way

From the AFL-CIO comes this common-sense plan for reopening the economy while protecting worker safety:


The plan has 8 main goals:

  1. Workers must have a say in these decisions at every level: workplace, industry, city, state and federal.
  2. Decisions must be based on worker safety and sound science.
  3. Strong, clear and enforceable workplace health and safety standards must be in place.
  4. Workers must have stronger protections against retaliation.
  5. There must be a massive increase in adequate levels and types of personal protective equipment for workers currently on the job—and then for those returning to the job.
  6. There must be a massive increase of rapid and reliable coronavirus testing.
  7. The federal government must oversee a system of recording, reporting and tracking worker infections.
  8. Employers, in coordination with local and state public health departments, must trace the contacts of infected workers and remove exposed workers from work with pay and without retaliation.

Here at UMD, AFSMCE Local 1072 members are advocating for the exact same goals.  In meetings with university adminstration representatives we have continually advocated for policies and procedures that ensure that everyone is safe, educated, an equipped - now and into the future.

If you have any questions or concerns about current working conditions on campus or what a safe plan for return looks like, you can send your union email at [email protected].